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New York Giants Notes: Monday Morning Blues Edition

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For some reason, it really feels like Monday today. It's tax day, sure, but my tax return is in the mail. It's Monday, that's all, right? Sure, I could use another three hours of sleep, but coffee will help that. No, I have the Monday morning blues because I'm still on pins and needles after reading about the fact that there was no progress on Friday in the NFL labor talks. The players' and owners' representatives will meet again beginning Tuesday in front of a federal mediator, but I don't know...I still feel like everyone is running in place here. Former NFL star Carl Eller, who is representing retired players, had this not-very-encouraging bit to say:

"We need to have some productivity. We need to come out of here with something, and I think that there is a sense of realism on the judge’s part. It’s not just talk. Just getting together to talk is not productive."

I don't know about you, but the more I hear that there are continued stumbling blocks in this dispute, the more angry I become. And I grow even more upset when I see preseason schedules being released. Imagine being handed a restaurant menu that makes your mouth water as you peruse it, but then being told that the restaurant is being re-modeled and may or may not open any time soon. That's all I've got on this topic. Happy Monday!

Members of the New York Giants come to Eau Claire for a good cause
The 4th Annual Rich Seubert Celebrity Trap Shoot began Saturday morning at the Eau Claire Rod and Gun Club. Seubert, a Marshfield native, holds the event as a fundraiser for heart disease research in honor of his grandmother, who is a heart transplant recipient.

Really cool that Seubert does this, and even cooler that he roped teammate Brandon Jacobs into it. It's no surprise that Jim Sorgi, a University of Wisconsin Alum, also attended and helped the cause by shooting at some clay pigeons, but Jacobs? If you handed me the Giants' roster, that's the last guy I'd expect to take the time and make the effort to do something like this, so I commend Jacobs very much for that. I thought it was interesting, too, that Sorgi was wearing a Yankees' cap, a subtle nod of respect to his current place of employment (you hear that, LeBron?).

It's not a huge surprise that ranked the Giants' tight end position as being the worst in the division--but some of that centers around the fact that Kevin Boss may not return if and when there is a 2011 season. But I know you fellow BBVers will note one glaring omission from this piece--Bear Pascoe!