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2011 NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Anthony Sherman, FB, Connecticut

Indications are that the New York Giants will be leaving Bear Pascoe at fullback in 2011, but you never know for sure. If the right fullback comes along in the 2011 NFL Draft could that thinking change? Maybe so.

With that in mind let's use today's 2011 NFL Draft prospect profile to look at one of the available fullbacks, Anthony Sherman of Connecticut. This is a player who sounds like a pure blocker, not a runner or receiver. I also love the special teams comments about Sherman. Could he be a guy the Giants would grab and move Pascoe back to tight end? Maybe, maybe not.

Scouting reports after the jump.

Anthony Sherman
FB, Connecticut
5-foot-11, 242 pounds
Projected: Late rounds, UDFA

Scouting Reports

From National Football Post:

A strong, thickly put together lead blocker who has the initial burst to reach the line of scrimmage and quickly generate a real pop on contact. He does a nice job generating leverage for himself at the point, can stick to blocks through contact and does a nice job pumping his legs in order to eliminate his man. Plus, he possesses the type of body control to reach targets off his frame, break down in space and seal with confidence. Now, he is limited in what he can offer in many aspects of the offense. Isn't a real gifted runner and although he can catch the football out of the backfield, he isn't a real gifted run after the catch guy in that area. However, what he can do is play special teams. The guy is a demon in coverage units, plays hard, finds the football and loves the contact.He consistently comes up with big special teams tackles week in and week out and is a nice lunch pail guy to have on your team.

Impression: Isn't going to win any beauty contest for you, but he's a very good lead guy who can definitely make a special teams unit better. Is a fullback worthy of a draft pick and will make an NFL roster.


Sherman has a very thick compact build. Keeps his head up and quickly locates who to hit. Plays with good leverage and delivers a powerful initial punch. Fights to the whistle and always finishes his blocks. High effort kid that is effective on special teams.

Does not have the lower body strength to always push defenders out of the hole. Dips head and misses blocks at times. Lacks good vision and struggles to find running lanes. Does not consistently push the pile and will not always get yards after contact. Drops too many catchable passes.

Sherman is a stout fullback that does not have the strength to be a lead blocker at the next level. He is a fierce competitor that flashes a mean streak and looks to punish opponents. However, he is not explosive at the point of attack and does not generate a consistent push in the running game. He is not a natural runner that lacks the vision to find space and the speed to exploit seams. He is a capable blocker in pass protection, but not a weapon in the passing game.