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New York Giants Notes: Who Will It Be?

Despite the fact that the NFLPA is putting on its own draft party, or that the preseason schedule was announced yesterday with no true hope of there being a preseason or regular season, the NFL draft will go on as planned in two weeks. And there has been widespread speculation everywhere about who our New York Giants might pick.

The Sporting News listed outside linebacker and center as the two top needs, and suggested names such as Akeem Ayers from UCLA and Justin Houston from Georgia for the former; and Mike Pouncey from Florida for the latter. No huge surprises there, as Ayers and Pouncey are names that are leading the pack in BBV's draft poll. And in another Sporting News article, Dennis Dillon goes on to say that he thinks offensive line is surely the Giants' top need, and cites Pouncey and Boston College OT Anthony Castonzo as likely first rounders.

The Plaxico Burress talk simply won't die down. Here is an interesting article about why Burress deserves another shot with the Giants. Agree or disagree, it's a really well-written piece. But the most telling part is this, because it's absolutely the truth:

Dealing with Coughlin is another matter, and this is where it could get tricky. Coughlin wasn't amused by Burress' off-the-field antics when he was around, and he may view him as a risk not worth assuming -- especially after he, his team and the organization have moved on.

Most of us had never heard of "compartment syndrome" when Hakeem Nicks had to have emergency surgery in the middle of last season. But on Tuesday, the condition re-surfaced in the news again, when Florida Marlins' shortstop Hanley Ramirez was said to have the risk of developing compartment syndrome due to a very badly bruised leg he suffered over the weekend. Th article references Nicks as well.

L.T. will not have his mug shot on sex offender Web site | National Football Post
You can find the mug shot of Lawrence Taylor all over the Internet. You just won’t be able to find it on New York’s sex offender registry list. Although the Hall of Fame linebacker for the New York Giants has been required to register as a sex offender for his tryst with a 16-year-old hooker last year, he will not have his mug shot online.

I won't even bring myself to comment. I just want all of the constantly horrible LT news to just go away. Exclusive: Cash-Strapped NFL Players Seeking High-Risk "Lockout Loans" | ThePostGame
As the NFL lockout enters its second month, players from at least 16 teams have already sought out extremely aggressive short-term loans with high interest rates, has learned. According to a financing source, these interest rates range from 18 percent to 24 percent, and upon default, they can rise as high as 36 percent.

This is scary, because if the lockout drags out, and players start missing game checks, many may default on these loans and lose their homes. I understand the need for the loans, but I think these companies are taking advantage of fragile situations with these players and charging obscene interest rates.