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New York Giants Notes: Rich Seubert Needs a New Washing Machine

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What, you think that's funny? Well, then read this article about life at home during the lockout for Rich Seubert, whom Jerry Reese declared to be the team's MVP in 2010. It's mildly entertaining, and we all need entertainment during the lockout. And it makes us realize again that the players are people too.

His washing machine is on the fritz and with two young sons (ages six and four) and the addition of a newborn daughter (Hailey, born March 31) he and his wife, Jodi, need the rinse and spin cycle to be operating at peak efficiency. "It’s always something,’’ Seubert told the Post.

Man, this lockout can't end soon enough. And speaking of that, the Post (sorry, they actually have real news for us to clip) also reported early Monday morning that federal judge Susan Nelson is going to make these guys make nice in the sandbox.

Judge Susan Nelson, who is hearing the request by 10 players -- including Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora -- for an injunction that would require the owners to lift the lockout, told both sides yesterday that she wants more mediation first.

Nelson is clearly a voice for the fans, because she is essentially ridiculing both sides (mostly the owners) for being so ridiculous and not coming to an agreement. Hopefully she will also help speed things up so we can get back to real football talk instead of this.....

Gold's Gym conducted a "March Madness" style bracket for the best workout song, and former Giant Michael Strahan nominated "Stronger" by Kanye West, because it was the song the team played before they stepped onto the field in Arizona before Super Bowl 42. And the song won.

"The song brings back great memories of Super Bowl XLII (The New York Giants came out to 'Stronger' before beating the New England Patriots 17-14) and is still on my iPod everyday in the gym," Strahan continued. "What's even more special is that I get to share this win with my friend Sammy Arthur, with the proceeds going to his charity, The Health & Humanitarian Aid Foundation."

Okay, I guess anything that reminds us of that game is good, right?

So this betting site is trying to post 2011 predictions even though there is no guarantee that there will be a season. But what strikes me here in this article about the Giants and their 2010 implosion is the stats. Again, we're reminded how much turnovers change the outcome of games. (You're welcome, Mr. Coughlin):

In 2010, The Giants defense ranked 7th in the NFL in total defense (311 ypg), 9th in pass defense (210) and 8th in rushing (101)......The Eli Manning lead offense ranked 5th in the league in total yards (380.3) and was 6th in rushing (137.5). The Giants were tenth in passing (242.8) thanks to Manning’s career best 4,002 yards passing.


But hey, there is more good news to leave you with today. Apparently, Peyton Manning did not have to be jealous of younger brother Eli when Eli and his wife had a baby girl a few weeks back. Peyton and his wife Ashley gave birth to twins, a girl and a boy, on March 31. Which begs the question, Would Peyton be able to keep that private if he lived in the greater New York area like Eli? Anyway, congrats to all the Mannings, and congrats to all of you who made it to the end of this notebook.