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2011 NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Derek Hall, OT, Stanford

We know by now that New York Giants General Manager Jerry Reese loves athletic players with upside. In today's 2011 NFL Draft prospect profile we look at a player who might just fill that description.

Derek Hall of Stanford is an offensive tackle with just one year of starting experience after transitioning from the defensive side of the ball. Hall, though, is a guy who has generated some positive buzz as a late-round prospect who might be able to develop into a starting right tackle or guard.

Scouting reports after the jump.

Derek Hall
OT. Stanford
6-foot-5, 303 pounds
Projection: Late rounds

Scouting Reports

From National Football Post:

A former defensive lineman who made the move to right tackle during his time at Stanford. Is only a first-year starter, but has showcased good flexibility and bend in his stance, fires off the football low in the run game and does a nice job generating leverage for himself at the point.

Is still developing in the pass game, is a bit of a waist bender and struggles to consistently keep his base under him on his kick-slide. Works hard to stay on blocks but isn't a real Velcro guy and will struggle to maintain balance when asked to mirror through contact. Possesses average range off the edge when asked to reach speed, but looks better suited to play as a right-sided guy.

Impression: Lacks a ton of playing time and experience and still has a good bit of upside to his game. Needs to continue to add weight and tighten up his footwork, but the guy can be a very good run blocker as an in-line guy. Has the ability to play some right tackle or guard in the NFL and seems like someone who can make a roster as a rookie, develop as a reserve and with the right coaching could fight for playing time down the line.

From Sideline Scouting:

Positives: Good length... Solid lateral blocking range... Does a nice job sealing off the outside... Good upper body strength... Solid hand punch... Reasonably good arm extension... Uses his hands well... Very solid run blocker... Gets off the ball reasonably quick... Very solid drive blocker... Stays low and plays with reasonably good leverage... Plays with solid power... Can get movement in the running game... Can pull and get to the second level... Very solid flexibility and body control... Does a very solid job blocking in space... Does a nice job sustaining his blocks, works to finish his assignments... Right Tackle prospect who will also get looks at Guard.

Negatives: Bends at the waist in pass protection... Can be beat by edge speed... Will lean and lunge into blocks and loses his balance... Doesn't redirect very well, overextends... Inconsistent hand placement, hands get too wide in pass protection... Needs to get stronger at POA... Former defensive lineman, raw.