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Report: Giants Will Not Retain Tiki Barber's Rights

Well, it did not take long for the first reports that the New York Giants want nothing to do with the apparently un-retiring Tiki Barber to surface.


That should hardly surprise anyone, considering all the shots Barber has taken at head coach Tom Coughlin over the years -- both while he was still playing and since he retired.

By the way, if you are wondering what the Giants players might be thinking about all of this, here is the reaction from at least one current player. Here is what Steve Smith tweeted when he heard the news:

"Is Tiki "No Need for a" Barber serious?? Can't wait till he play vs the Giants. They gone hear them Boooo's all way in LA"

WFAN's Paul Dottino reported that Barber had two years, $8.3 million left on his contract when he retired. Once the Giants cut him, which is the probable scenario, he will not see that money. Pro Football Talk speculated that Barber will have to play for the league minimum "if he gets offers at all."

NOTE: I have been reading through some of the comments in the first Barber post. Many of them are hilarious. At some point I think I will go through, pull out my favorite comments, and just make a 'reaction' post out of those. So, if you haven't used all your good stuff yet, have at it.