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Michael Strahan Would Sign Plaxico Burress 'In A Heartbeat'

Michael Strahan, appearing on Pro Football Talk live, said he would sign Plaxico Burress "in a heartbeat" if he were the New York Giants.

Strahan could not even wait for host Mike Florio to finish the question before jumping in with his answer on whether or not the Giants should bring Burress back once he gets out of prison June 6.

"They should pick him up," Strahan said. "I think the Giants should get him. I'd take him in a heartbeat. Why even act like the guy's not talented and you wouldn't want him to play for you?

"I definitely as a coach would pick him up in a heartbeat. I think Michael Vick has done a great job of showing that you can have a second opportunity and make the most of it, and I think that's what Plaxico can do if he's given the opportunity to do it once he's out of prison."

Oh, boy. You guys know how I feel about this, and whether I'm right or wrong I'm not changing my mind because of what Strahan said. He knows a whole lot more football than I do, but I don't think he was thinking "as a coach" when he said this. I believe he was thinking as a player, as more of a contemporary.

In the end we all know that what Strahan, or Osi Umenyiora or Brandon Jacobs -- thinks does not matter. What matter is if John Mara and Jerry Reese think Burress can be a good representative of the franchise, and if Tom Coughlin thinks he can coach him. If you read the tea leaves, right now it seems like they are not convinced. That could change, but that is how it seems at the moment.