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Plaxico Burress -- Five Potential Landing Spots

Plaxoco Burress.  (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
Plaxoco Burress. (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
Getty Images

By now you know that Plaxico Burress will be released from prison on June 6. We long ago established the fact that I believe bringing Burress back to the New York Giants is a horrible idea. and that a lot of you disagree with me. Rehashing that is not my purpose this morning.

Rather, let's recognize the fact that Burress, despite being 34 and out of football for three seasons, will have options when it comes to finding a team for the 2011 season -- if and when there is a 2011 season. He won't have to beg the Giants for a job. Conversely, whoever signs him will have to bid for him. He was, before going to prison, one of the game's best wide receivers. There will be plenty of teams willing to give him a chance to show how much he has left.

What I want to do today is talk about potential landing spots for Burress -- other than the Giants. Here is a list of a few teams where he might fit.

  • New York Jets -- This one would sting many Giants fans, I know. I think, though, that it would make sense. The Jets are staring at the possibility of losing wide receivers Braylon Edwards and Santonio Holmes via free agency. Even if they keep both, they can use more targets for the still developing Mark Sanchez. Rex Ryan isn't going to care about Burress' past.
  • Cincinnati Bengals -- Don't the Bengals sign just about every troubled NFL star for a secone chance at one time or another? They gave Adam Jones a second chance. They signed Terrell Owens, who won't be back with them next season. Why not swap TO for Burress?
  • New England Patriots -- Why not? The Patriots always seem to sign veteran players near the end of their careers who might not be what they were, but can still be useful. Plus, after sending away Randy Moss, the one thing Tom Brady really doesn't have is a vertical threat. Burress is that, just because of his size. And you have to believe Bill Belichick has no fear of coaching him.
  • St. Louis Rams -- Simple -- don't all former Giants go there to resuscitate their careers under Steve Spagnuolo? Plus, like Eli Manning when he was young, Rams quarterback Sam Bradford could use more targets who can help him out.
  • Baltimore Ravens -- Ravens coach John Harbaugh said a few weeks ago the team would consider Burress, and you can understand why. Baltimore has been oh-so-close to the Super Bowl in recent years, and it still seems like they lack enough big-play weapons for quarterback Joe Flacco. Burress might be worth the gamble for them.

I am sure you guys can think of other ones, I did not exhaustively study each team. These are just the ones who came to mind. If it isn't the Giants (and let's try not to debate that again) where do you think Burress winds up?