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Giants' 'Ill-Timed' PSL Push An Insult To Fans

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In his notebook earlier today, Mike linked to a story about the New York Giants e-mailing prospective season-ticket buyers with a sales pitch for Personal Seat Licenses. The Giants are, justifiably, getting panned for the awful decision to send out a promotion asking people to buy licenses to seats for a season that might not happen.

"A limited number of Personal Seat Licenses (PSL’s) have become available for next season," the message read. "Don’t miss this chance to secure Your seats and cheer on Your team at the amazing New Meadowlands Stadium!"

The Daily News simply called the e-mail an "ill-timed sales pitch."

WFAN asked the obvious question: "Next season? What if there is no season?"

Pro Football Talk chimed in with this advice: "Before buying, fans may want to ask about the refund policy in case the 2011 season never happens."

From the Daily News here are the prices the Giants are asking for the PSLs.

Mezzanine B ($7,500 PSL price, $400 per game), Mezzanine A ($12,500 PSL, $500 per game), and the Coaches Club ($20,000 PSL, $700 per game).

Even if I had that kind of money no way I'm cutting a check when I don't know what I'm getting for my money.

To say the least, this is a stupid decision by the Giants' front office. As classy as the Giants organization has always been, this move also seems like an arrogant one. How can you ask people for money -- big money -- when they have no clue what they are actually being offered? Sadly, this shows a large part of the reason why the NFL is in the current labor mess that it is in.