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New York Giants Notes: Glimmer of Hope for 2011 Edition

We reported on Thursday evening that the NFL owners and players extended the deadline for the current collective bargaining agreement 24 hours, until 11:59 p.m. Friday. This is good news, because it shows that both sides are eager to make a deal. It's also a crucial day for the NFL and its fans. I have to say, I haven't felt this optimistic in a while. Especially not since the ruling of judge Doty -- let's call him Friend Number One of NFL fans right now. Here is a great article by Dan Wetzel about the judge and about what this ruling did to the bargaining power of NFL owners.....

Hope still alive in NFL thanks to Doty - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
Instead, the league and the NFL Players Association agreed to a 24-hour extension to the collective bargaining agreement and will continue mediation Friday in Washington. It was a move that many believe will result in another longer extension and, perhaps, even labor peace in the near future. If nothing else, there is still hope.

So basically it comes down to this -- they will agree on another extension of a week or two, with the goal of agreeing to terms first and foremost; or they will not agree to an extension, setting the table for the possibility of months of legal battles.

New York Giants selling PSLs and tickets for NFL season that may not happen in 2011-12
Hurry! Get your season tickets ... before the NFL cancels its season. Thursday morning, just 15 hours before a possible NFL lockout that could have put the 2011 in jeopardy, many Giants fans awoke to an email from the team hawking expensive Personal Seat Licenses. The ill-timed sales pitch said a "limited number" of PSLs were available. "The Giants will answer the bell," the email read. "Will You?"

Please tell me you're kidding, Mr. Mara and Mr. Tisch. If any of you received that e-mail, I'd love to see it. I am mostly curious if it was something you could reply to. I mean, I am not a Giants' season ticket holder, but if I was, I'd be furious and maybe reply with, "Take my money with no guarantee of a 2011 season? PSL This!" Check out this article on the matter by Scott Politti as well. It talks about the head of a fan advocacy group trying to obtain a seat at the negotiations. How awesome is that?

But wait, there's more....

Slapped in the Face With a $9 Billion Pie -
Regardless of how this drama plays out, neither the N.F.L. nor the players are winning the battle for the hearts of fans. The public loves the game. It tolerates players and owners.


Brandon Jacobs: Plaxico Burress can put New York Giants back on top - ESPN New York
Brandon Jacobs knows exactly how the New York Giants can get back to the playoffs and return to title contender status. The Giants running back said the team should bring back Plaxico Burress once he is released from prison in June.

Well, there's that, and then there is the likelihood now that Jacobs will be back in Blue if and when there is a 2011 season. What's mind-blowing to me is that Jacobs actually wants to be a Giant and is already talking as if that will be the case. Does anyone remember his little tantrum after cleaning out his locker in early January?

In other news, the Panthers signed former Giants tight end Jeremy Shockey Thursday night.

Folks, let's hope the news is good later today regarding the labor negotiations. We will certainly keep you up to date on any new developments. Meanwhile, it's Friday!