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How The Giants Are Spending The NFL Lockout

So, unless you have been living under a rock you know there is an NFL Lockout going on, that players and teams are not allowed to have any contact with teams and that there is no football happening right now -- or for the foreseeable future.

Tom Szibokowski of the Baltimore Ravens is spending his time boxing. Chad Ocho-whatever he is calling himself these days is trying out for an MLS team. I even read that at least a couple of practice squad guys are playing in the Arena Football League this spring.

So, how are members of the New York Giants spending the lockout? Well, we know new daddy Eli Manning is spending his time changing diapers. Maybe Eli can learn to treat the football with as much care as I'm sure he treats his baby girl when he cradles her in his arms.

What about some of the other Giants, though? Well, here are a few tidbits.