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2011 NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Taiwan Jones, RB,

Let's continue our look at 2011 NFL Draft prospect profiles with a look at another second-day running back who might be of interest to the New York Giants.

Taiwan Jones is a player out of Eastern Washington I knew nothing about until recently. To be honest, I know the Giants have had contact with him but after studying him I hope the Giants stay away from him. He has an intriguing skill set, but when I hear words like "immature and naive" it gives me reason to think there are plenty of other running backs to choose from.

Scouting reports after the jump.

Taiwan Jones
RB, Eastern Washington
6-foot-1, 194 pounds
Projection: Rounds 2-4

Scouting Reports

From National Football Post:

Isn't real natural running between the tackles as he consistently is looking to bounce the football outside toward space. However, he's got a great initial burst, has a second gear to his game when turning the corner and can consistently outpace angles in space. ... . Doesn't have the frame to be able to hold up in pass protection right away. However, he's a natural receiver out of the backfield. ... Doesn't have the frame that can take the type of consistent 20-plus carries in the NFL.

Impression: Isn't a guy who will have a ton of success running between the tackles in the NFL. However, he's explosive in space, catches the ball well out of the backfield and can really accelerate. Looks like a 3rd down type back only with some big-play potential because of his speed, but his lean frame is a major concern.

From CBS Sports:

Inside: Lacks the bulk, power to handle a steady diet of interior running. Shows a quick burst to attack the line when there is a hole and can slip through a crack and into the secondary in the blink of an eye. Rare acceleration and top-end speed. Can avoid defenders in tight quarters, showing excellent lateral agility and balance. Upright runner who exposes the ball.

Outside: Beats linebackers to the corner easily. Has the flexibility to bend, turn and explode upfield, showing the rare acceleration to break through the pack for long scores. Looks to get toward the sideline, minimizing where defenders can attack him. Shows an excellent stop-start move to avoid tackles, cutting back against the grain.

Breaking tackles: Despite his upright running style, rarely takes bit hits, showing an ability to slide off tackles. Can't be characterized as powerful, but keeps his legs churning and bounces off tacklers who don't wrap him up. Slippery.

Blocking: Rarely asked to pass block in this scheme, as he's typically released into the flat as a receiver. Typically resorts to cut-blocking, at which he's minimally effective due to a lack of technique and power.

Receiving: Generally reliable hands. Makes most catches off of quick screens and dump-off passes, but was occasionally released deep. Appears to struggle tracking the ball over his shoulder, but possesses good body control to contort his body to make the tough grab. Flashes the ability to extend and pluck outside of his frame.

Intangibles: Has struggled with injuries throughout his career. Experienced kick and punt returner. Returned a kickoff 93 yards for a touchdown in 2008 and had an 85-yard score called back due to penalty in 2009. Has been described by scouts as immature and naive.

NOTE: We have now posted more than 70 of these profiles in our 2011 NFL Draft section. If you have ideas for anybody we have not yet profiled, please drop the name in the comment thread and I will see what I can dig up. I have kept this to guys who might have a legitimate shot at being available to the Giants.

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