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New York Giants Notes: Boley Says Giants Should Be 'Pretty Good' After Lockout

New York Giants linebacker Michael Boley said Monday on Sirius NFL Radio that the Giants could have an easier time overcoming the NFL Lockout once it ends than many teams around the league.

"We’ve got everything intact,’’ linebacker Michael Boley said Monday on Sirius NFL Radio. "We kept coach Coughlin. The offensive side is still intact and the defensive side. So for us, once we finally do get back into things I don’t see things changing too much. So I think it should be pretty good on our side.

"For teams who have come into this off-season with let’s say a new head coach or offense coordinator or defense coordinator, they don’t have much time at all. They have time amongst coaches to get a game plan together. As far as implementing that and getting it to your players and then working through it, they don’t have that.’’

Do you buy that? I do. The Giants have a veteran team and a veteran coaching staff that have already worked together, and the bulk of their schemes are already in place. Whenever NFL teams are allowed to hit the practice field the Giants won't be starting from scratch.

The NFL says it could use replacement players for the 2011 season. If we have to have replacements, can we please get this guy to play middle linebacker?

NFL owners might not be negotiating with players right now, but as they do every offseason they are messing with the rules by which the game is played. Kickoffs, tackling and instant replay changes are being voted on today.

In scouring the Inter-Google I found this list of NFL teams draft interests, which shows a pretty good list of what draft prospects each NFL team has reportedly had some contact with.