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2011 NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Davon House, CB, New Mexico State

Sometimes when you read scouting reports on NFL Draft prospects you are left scratching your head. Supposedly knowledgeable analysts can look at the same tape of the same player or watch the same NFL Scouting Combine and Pro Day workouts and come away with entirely different reports on players.

The subject of today's 2011 NFL Draft prospect profile, New Mexico State cornerback Davon House, is one such player. Is he a press corner? A Cover 2 guy? I read all the reports on House and I'm not sure if the overall impression is that he will be a player, or if the impression is that he's a wild-card who would be a big gamble.

He seems to have skills. He seems to have the right measurables. He also seems to be a player analysts think might be mistake and penalty-prone.

Scouting reports after the jump. Form your own opinion.

Davon House
CB, New Mexico State
6-foot, 200 pounds
Projection:2nd-4th round

Scouting Reports

From Draft Countdown:

- Ideal height and bulk with long arms
- Athletic with adequate timed speed
- Pretty good hands and ball skills
- Willing tackler and will support the run
- Tough, aggressive and very physical
- Gets a good jam at the line of scrimmage

- Lacks fluid hips and doesn't transition well.
- Questionable instincts and awareness
- Struggles to run downfield with speedy wideouts
- Allows separation and lacks a burst to recover
- Did not always face elite competition

Best fit at next level may come in a zone scheme where he can face the action --- A battle-tested cover guy with the type of triangle numbers pro scouts look for.

From Sideline Scouting:

Positives: Prototypical height and speed, appears to have adequate bulk... Good production in four years with the Aggies (202 tackles, 10 interceptions, forced fumble)... Plays with a lot of confidence and energy, feeds off making big plays and breaking up passes... Is a physical corner with a strong upper body, is effective in press coverage, will knock smaller receivers off their routes at the line of scrimmage... Has fairly quick hips, is quick to open up and run with receivers, even when in press coverage... Is not afraid of contact, will come up in run situations and stick his nose on the football... Is pretty effective in zone coverage, reacts to the quarterback's eyes and shows good range in short zone coverage.

Negatives: Needs to do a better job of reading receivers' eyes and turning his head when the ball is in the air, can be too slow to locate the ball... Sometimes plays the ball with his wrong hand and opens up in the wrong direction making him vulnerable to giving up the big play if he misses the ball... Vertical leap appears to be lacking, does not jump very well in jump ball situations... A little overaggressive at times, especially in run defense, tackles too high and will miss tackles in open space from lowering helmet and lunging... Needs to polish up footwork, takes big steps at times and allows too much separation out of cuts, will be especially susceptible to double moves in the NFL... Instincts appear average at best, uses athleticism to get in position, but needs to work on keying in on his reads, especially in man coverage.


House is a big physical corner. Delivers a good press at the line to reroute receivers. Reads quarterback's eyes in zone coverage and shows the ability to anticipate routes. Possesses big hands and good timing to knock away passes. Flashes a mean streak and is a willing tackler in run support.

Lacks elite recovery speed and the hip fluidity to consistently stick with shiftier wide receivers in man coverage. Over confident at times and can get burned by play action. A step slow reacting to the play and struggles to disengage from blockers. Physical play could result in a lot of flags at the next level.

House is a physical corner that excels in press coverage, and could develop into a starter in a Cover-2 scheme. He uses his big strong hands to jar receivers on the line of scrimmage and he can flip his hips and run. He also shows the ability to anticipate routes in zone and has enough speed to close with the ball in the air. However, he is a bit stiff in transition and will struggle to mirror receivers on double moves. His ultra-aggressive style of play makes him vulnerable to ball fakes and he will probably be flagged often. House looks like a middle round pick.