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New York Giants Notes: ... And Kevin Boss Attends A Soccer Game

<strong> Kevin Boss</strong>.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
Kevin Boss. (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
Getty Images

More on Kevin Boss in a minute, because there are some interesting NFL tidbits out there. First, let's look at this article in Business Week about NFL greed. The Giants are being singled out around the league and around NFL journalist circles for being prudent--i.e., not gouging their customer base when there is no promise of an NFL season:

"As if we needed another example of gridiron greed there’s this knee-slapper: All but one of the NFL’s 32 teams is requiring season-ticket holders to submit deposits for next season, even though there might not be a season. Only the New York Giants, the team of the late Wellington Mara, who long ago sacrificed for the good of the game and the welfare of the league, seems to understand that pay-for-play is the only plan that makes sense at this moment."

The Giants have been around a lot longer than most teams, and maybe they have prepared better (read: saved for a rainy day), and can afford to operate until talks, and play, resume. But I find it hard to believe that NFL teams need an influx of cash that badly, and I hope we come to find out that many NFL fans will "misplace" that letter from their respective team asking for money when no games are on the horizon. It's one way to get the message from fans across. But then there was this gem from the same article that I have to share with you:

"What we have here is something rarer than a Jets Super Bowl parade. We have a professional sports team showing more than a modicum of concern for the customer, not only saying the right thing but doing it."

Yes, he went there. But Soshnick could have just as easily used the Eagles as his target of mockery. Yes, I just went there.

N.F.L. Lockout Leaves Green Bay With a Title, but No Team -
Absent the classic notion of an owner, the folks in Green Bay cannot get particularly angry at either side, especially since every neighborhood, workplace or family could have both season-ticket holders and shareholders.

This is interesting, because the very fan base that owns the team has to lock out the players they employ. The players also cannot be contacted about Super Bowl ring sizes or potential public appearances because teams and players are not allowed to talk during a lockout. Yikes. These are things we don't always think about.

Sounders | New York hands Sounders FC second straight loss | Seattle Times Newspaper
New York Giants tight end Kevin Boss, the brother of Seattle goalkeeper Terry Boss, was in attendance wearing rave green.

Welcome to the bottom of the sports journalism barrel. The good news is, we can only go up from here.