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New York Giants Notes: Round One To Players Edition

You may or may not have heard by now that a federal judge in Minneapolis ruled Tuesday that the NFL owners violated a rule in place about television revenues, and how deals are supposed to, among other things, maximize player revenue. The Fifth Down blog in the New York Times gathered sportswriter reaction to this, but let me break it down for you here. Basically the owners took less money in their most recent TV deal in exchange to keep the income flowing in the event of a work stoppage. In other words, the owners wanted insurance to be able to lock out the players, and/or provide replacement player games. But the judge ruled in favor of the players, giving them a massive leveraging chip in labor talks this week and allowing them the option to call the owners' bluff to lock them out and to try and prevent any part of the season from happening. The owners will appeal the decision, but this is good news for fans, if only because it might speed up geting a deal done.

Giants' center Shaun O'Hara talked about a lockout being imminent while also discussing his upcoming ankle surgery that follows foot surgery. Man, this dude's got some messed up limbs.

Is Dave Duerson’s death just another football casualty? | Professional | -- Your State. Your News.
As the clock ticks down to the March 3, 11:59 p.m. Eastern National Football League deadline for the players and owners to reach an agreement on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement or face a lockout, the suicide death of former Chicago Bears and New York Giants player Dave Duerson should be casting a pall over the talks.

Indeed, player safety is a big issue, and one of the main reasons the players do not want an 18-game regular season.

N.Y. Giants great Harry Carson goes extra yard | Professional | -- Your State. Your News.
The retired New York Giants linebacker donated several items for the auction: a signed Hall-of-Fame mini-helmet and an autographed football, which would collectively garner the charity $450 that evening. After the auction, however, Murro and Kim G realized the signed mini-helmet Carson donated for charity was missing.

Of course, it's really sad that someone would swipe a signed Carson helmet, but the article talks about how Carson simply offered to replace the helmet once he caught wind of what happened. You know, for all of the negative news we've heard surrounding former Giants' players like Lawrence Taylor and Mark Ingram, it sure is refreshing to hear something like this.

LOMBARDI Hosts the 1991 New York Giants Super Bowl Trophy 2011/02/28
From March 15-20, the Broadway show LOMBARDI will host the 1991 New York Giants Super Bowl Trophy in the lower lobby of The Circle in the Square Theatre (50th Street west of Broadway) Also that week, LOMBARDI will feature special appearances by former New York Giants' star players Sean Landeta, Bart Oates and Stephen Baker

Tell me the first thing you didn't think of wasn't, "Can Landeta still boot it 50 yards?" In related news, it's now March 2, and Matt Dodge and Tom Quinn are still on the Giants' payroll.