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New York Giants Notes: Ticket Decision A Class Move By Giants

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One of the reasons I have always loved the New York Giants is because I have always believed it is one of the classiest organizations in all of pro sports. Today, I think I have seen even more evidence of that.

I am not happy about the NFL Lockout. None of us are. I am not really thrilled by the "blame the players" state co-owner John Mara made the other day. I also ripped the team recently for its ill-timed push to sell PSLs.

So, when I first read the story that the Giants would allow season ticket-holders to defer payment on their purchases until the lockout was over, I didn't think too much of it. After all, when there is no product to purchase and no guarantee there will be a product to purchase, can you really in good conscience tell people they have to fork over hard-earned cash now just in case there is a product for them to enjoy later on?

Well, then I read the note in Mike Garafolo's story that the Giants are the only team in the NFL not requiring at least partial payment from season ticket-holders during the lockout.

That, friends and Giants fans, is the right way to do business.

Here are a couple of NFL Draft-related notes:

  • Florida center/guard Mike Pouncey is drawing rave reviews following Florida's Pro Day earlier this week. One scout apparently called Pouncey "a star" and said "He is everything you're looking for in an interior lineman. He's a carbon copy of his brother."

    Maurkice Pouncey was Pittsburgh's first pick a year ago and made the Pro Bowl as the starting center for the Steelers.

    "You've got to love his confidence and his personality," Jaguars offensive line coach Andy Heck said. "He's got a magnetic personality. It's clear that he's got some leadership about him. I think that shines through."

    In his most recent mock draft ESPN's Mel Kiper has Pouncey going to the Giants with the 19th pick of the first round. So does his ESPN cohort, Todd McShay. The Giants are one of the teams with "the strongest interest" in Pouncey, according to Great Blue North Draft Report.
  • Illinois linebacker Martez Wilson, who some have connected to the Giants around the second round, left scouts disappointed with poor work at the school's Pro Day.

    "Everyone left that workout disappointed with [Wilson]. His footwork was bad, his hands were bad, even his countenance was bad. The other kids were having fun and seemed to enjoy the competition. He didn't look like he wanted to be there," the scout said.

    "It wasn't a good workout for him - but one more indicative of how he actually plays. He looked great in the measureables at the Combine and everyone was talking about him, but he's not a very instinctive player so that speed doesn't translate onto the field."