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Shaun O'Hara: Owners Don't Want 'Fair Deal'

I posted New York Giants owner John Mara's statement about the breakdown of negotiations between the players and owners on Friday night. Have to give equal time to the players, so today I offer the statement made by Giants player rep Shaun O'Hara.

The statement was actually given to Ralph Vacchiano of the Daily News. It read:

"After agreeing to a weeklong extension in an attempt to come to a fair agreement with NFL, we realized that the owners do not have an interest in agreeing to a fair deal with the players," O’Hara told the Daily News in an e-mail tonight. "Therefore we have decided that the NFLPA will no longer represent the players in collective bargaining with the NFL.

"It was evident to us that the owners had no intentions of sharing vital information when entering into a ‘partnership’ that a ‘Collectively Bargained Agreement’ represents. We will now move forward with involvement from the court system to reach an agreement."

I am not taking sides, there is enough greed for the blame to go all the way around here. I just want to see football.