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John Mara: 'A Very Disappointing Day'

Here is a statement from New York Giants owner John Mara regarding the players union decision to decertify.

"This obviously is a very disappointing day for all of us. I’ve been here for the better part of two weeks now, and essentially during that two-week period the union’ s position on the core economic issues has not changed one iota. Their position has quite literally been ‘take it or leave it’ and in effect they have been at the same position since last September. We made an offer to them today to basically split the difference between the two sides. We made that approximately at 12 p.m and at 4 p.m. they came back and said it was insufficient and they have apparently decided to decertify. thing that became painfully apparent to me during this period was that their objective was to go the litigation route. I believe they think it gives them the best leverage. I never really got the feeling in the past weeks that they were serious about negotiating. And it’s unfortunate because that’s not what collective bargaining is all about. I think eventually we’ll be back at the table, but unfortunately now we will have to go through this process where we are in court."

I am not taking sides here. I think there is plenty of blame to go around, since it has become my belief that neither side has really been serious to this point about making a deal. Rather, they have been serious about making their point -- whatever it is, and whatever the cost.

See for the NFLPA side of the story.