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Big Blue View Community Mock Draft

It is time to begin our second annual Big Blue View Community Mock Draft. This was an absolute blast when we did it last year, and we had great participation. So, let's do it again.

Like last year it works like this. I will pick for the New York Giants. You guys will have a chance pick for everyone else. E-mail me at and let me know what team you would like to pick for. I will put together a chart, assigning a community member to a team.

You will be responsible for the selection, as well as a short (one or two paragraphs, please) explanation of why you made the pick. When I e-mail you to tell you that you are 'on the clock' I will also let you know when I need the pick by. If you miss your deadline, I will make the pick for you.

I want to start the draft on Monday, and I would like to do two rounds this year. That means we are going to have to do a couple of picks per day, so make sure you have the availability to get your pick in on time.

OK, gang! Start sending those e-mails.