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A Few Changes At BBV

You may have noticed a subtle difference here at Big Blue View lately. If not, well, let me tell you there has been one.

We are trying to increase the posting frequency -- hopefully to bring you even more great New York Giants content. You have noticed that Mike Fiammetta has joined our staff, and is doing a great job detailing players signed to reserve/future contracts. We now have our own 'Mike & Mike' tandem.

You might also see another writer or two added in the coming weeks as we try to maintain the posting frequency we are aiming for to keep this place growing. What you won't see are changes in tone, loosening of the guidelines or lowering of the writing standards we have around here.

I want to encourage you guys to contribute even more in the 'Fanposts.' Well thought out, well written Fanposts will increasingly get some consideration for the front page. Do a sloppy job with no punctuation, or just fire off an emotional rant and we will pass on that. But, put together something with some thought, some research and some value to the community you might find it on the front.

As always, we are committed to making this the best place on the Internet for Giants news and discussion.