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Giants By The Numbers: Offense

From Michael Eisen's 2010 Overview By The Numbers here are some of my favorite numbers pertaining to the New York Giants offense.

  • In yardage terms, the Giants placed fifth in the league with an average of 380.3 yards per game.
  • The 6,085 yards the Giants gained marked the first time in franchise history they had gone over the 6,000-yard plateau.
  • The 48 touchdowns the Giants scored was third-most in team history. Which means they were good, but maybe not as good as efficient as they could have been looking at the yardage record.
  • Ahmad Bradshaw (1,235 yards) and Brandon Jacobs (823 yards) made the Giants one of only two teams with a pair of backs who ran for more than 800 yards. Kansas City was the other, with Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones.
  • Eli Manning's 62.9 percent completion percentage was the best in team history.
  • Elias Sports Bureau says the Giants tied the Philadelphia Eagles for most plays of 20 yards or more with 80 (58 passes, 22 runs). The Giants led the league with 14 touchdown passes of more than 20 yards.
  • The 6.57 yards the Giants averaged on first down led the NFL. To which I say, imagine what they could have done had they not stunk on third down.