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Giants By The Numbers: Thank You, Michael Eisen

Over at Michael Eisen has posted a 2010 Giants By The Numbers season overview. There are some discussion-worthy numbers in there, so let's do that. In the interest of true overkill, and forcing you to come back to Big Blue View multiple times -- mostly to annoy you and improve my traffic stats -- I am going to break Eisen's numbers down into three posts.

In this one, I will touch on some of his overall numbers pertaining to the Giants record and other generic numbers. In subsequent posts later this evening I will touch on both the offense and the defense.

So, let's get to some of those numbers.

  • The 10-victory season was the fourth double-digit victory regular season in Tom Coughlin's seven years with the Giants. By any standard short of Bill Belichick, that is pretty darn good. I know there is a feeling, a justifiable one at that, that a couple of those seasons could have produced more than they did. When TC signed on as coach seven seasons ago, though, I think you would have signed up for what he and the Giants have given us in that time.
  • Thirteen teams, including the Giants, won at least 10 games. That ties a record set in both 2003 and 2005. It does not, however, make me feel any better.
  • The Giants finished the season with 636 victories in their history. Only Chicago (704) and Green Bay (664) have more.
  • This was only the second time in Giants' history the team won 10 games and did not reach the playoffs. It also happened in 1988, when they also finished 10-6.