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2012 Super Bowl: What One Move Could Get The New York Giants There?

Various organizations have already posted NFL Power Rankings for the 2011 season. In my looks at these various rankings, the New York Giants generally sit anywhere from 10th to 12th. Not bad, but not considered a 2012 Super Bowl favorite, either. In all probability, as things are right now, that ranking is probably just about right.

So, tell me New York Giants fans, is there one move you can see that would vault the Giants right into title contention? One that would immediately, in your mind, put them among the favorites to represent the NFC in next season's Super Bowl?

There are two moves that are off limits to this discussion. One is the return of Plaxico Burress to the Giants. That is simply because we have discussed it a ton already, and because we will discuss it much more throughout the offseason. Come up with something else. The other move is firing Tom Coughlin and replacing him with Bill Cowher, Jon Gruden, Isiah Thomas, the Black Eyed Peas or anyone else you can think of. It isn't happening, so let's not discuss it.

Pretty much anything else is on the table. Changes to the coaching staff, a potential draft pick you are really enamored with who could make a difference, a free agent from another team you think could transform the Giants offense or defense. Maybe it's just a player you think the Giants need to let go.

Two other requests. If you suggest firing a coach, like special teams coach Tom Quinn or offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride, you need to also give me the coach you want to replace him with. If you want to dump a player, who do you want playing in his place? Saying get rid of a guy is the easy part, and I'm not letting you off easy. Finding a better replacement is the hard part.

So, have at it Giants fans.