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Don't Believe Everything You Read

I spend more time than I care to reading mock drafts, scouting reports and all that type of material to give you guys the prospect profiles and other information I try to find as the NFL Draft approaches.

I found something a few minutes that I have to share. Partially because it made me laugh, and partially because it pretty much discredits the knowledge of the mainstream source.

Here is Pete Schrager of FOX Sports. commenting on the New York Giants offensive line in explaining his mock draft selection of USC offensive tackle Tyron Smith for the Giants.

The Giants had two All-Pros on their line this year and David Diehl has entered the upper echelon of great left tackles, but the unit isn’t getting any younger.

Huh? "The upper echelon of great left tackles?" Since when? The same David Diehl who was among the worst tackles in the league with a -22.7 grade from Pro Football Focus in 2010 and a -9.9 in 2009? The same guy we have been trying to run off the left tackle position for two years now? I don't diagree with the choice of Smith, but to say Diehl is among the "upper echelon of great left tackles" is ridiculous.

Hey, Pete, watch some film before you say stuff like that.