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New York Giants Notes: Afternoon Edition

A quick afternoon notebook for you New York Giants fans. You know, there might not be any games but football season never really ends. Unless, of course, there is a lockout. Anyway, we will deal with that later.

  • Anybody want Kevin Gilbride out the door as offensive coordinator? Trick question, I know how many of you feel. Well, the Tennessee Titans just fired Mike Heimerdinger from the same job. You interested?
  • MIke Mayock of is out with a video rating the top five defensive ends in the 2011 NFL Draft. I know, I know. You will jump off the nearest bridge if the Giants draft a defensive end in the first round. But, just passing along the info.
  • The Sporting News rates the Giants No. 11 in its initial 2011 NFL power poll. I don't think we are in any position to argue. The Giants could be great, they could implode, they could be good but no quite good enough again in 2011. Nobody knows.
  • ESPN New York is out with its rating of the Giants linebackers for 2010. It's not pretty, as you likely suspect.