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Johnnie Lynn, Former Giants Defensive Coordinator, Hired By Eagles

Former New York Giants defensive coordinator Johnnie Lynn has been hired by the NFC East rival Philadelphia Eagles as defensive backs coach in charge of cornerbacks.

Lynn had spent the previous four seasons with the San Francisco 49ers as special assistant to the head coach and assistant secondary coach. He resigned from the 49ers in December.

If you rememmber, Lynn was promoted by the Giants from defensive backs coach to coordinator after John Fox left Jim Fassel's staff to become head coach of the Carolina Panthers. If you recall, Lynn did about as well replacing Fox as Bill Sheridan did replacing Steve Spagnuolo. In 2003, the Giants had a point differential of -144, worst in the franchise since a -176 in 1980.

Lynn, obviously, is good as what he does as a secondary coach. Like Sheridan, though, in way over his head running his own defense.