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SB Nation Mock Draft: Surprising Choice For Giants

The latest SB Nation NFL Mock Draft has taken a sharp turn away from all of the discussion about linebackers and offensive linemen and has handed the New York Giants something a little bit unexpected -- a tight end.

SB Nation has the Giants taking Notre Dame tight end Kyle Rudolph with their first selection in the 2011 NFL Draft this April. What do you think of that idea, Giants fans?

We have not yet profiled Rudolph, who is generally considered the best tight end prospect in this year's draft class, though I was planning to. Might have to accelerate that plan a bit now.

Here is Mocking The Draft's take on Rudolph. MTD has him pegged as a mid- to late first-round talent and says "If he can stay healthy and work on some of his fundamentals, mainly blocking, Rudolph could turn into one of the most productive tight ends the NFL has seen in recent years."

What do you think of Rudolph, my draftnik friends? And what do you think of the idea of going tight end with the first pick? The way I see it, if a tight end is the best player on the board, take him. I like Kevin Boss, but he is not Tony Gonzalez or Dallas Clark.