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Perry Fewell Won't Be Tennessee Titans Coach

We have pretty much known all along that this is how it would work out. Perry Fewell would get his 'Rooney Rule' interview, allowing him to sharpen his interview skills for the inevitable head coaching job that will someday be his, but that the Tennessee Titans would not be hiring the New York Giants defensive coordinator to lead their franchise.

That scenario has played out, as Tennessee is reportedly set to name offensive line coach Mike Munchak it new head coach. Munchak, a Hall of Fame offensive lineman, was considered the front-runner for the job after the Titans parted ways with long-time coach Jeff Fisher.

This means that Fewell will unquestionably be back for a second season as Giants' defensive coordinator. He can now turn his attention fully to solving the Giants defensive issues, which still include spotty linebacker play and a tendency to give up too many big plays against the pass.