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New York Giants Notes: Super Bowl 45 Edition

Here are some Super Bowl Sunday notes for you, New York Giants fans.

  • Heard about the 'heated' dispute between Phil Simms and Desmond Howard? Simms apparently took offense to remarks Howard, an ESPN college football analysts, had made about Simms' son Matt, a quarterback for Tennessee. Apparently, police had to separate the two men.

    Sorry, but as much as I would love to side with Simms here, he was way out of line to go after Howard. In his job as a CBS analyst Simms sometimes has to be critical of players and coaches -- who also have parents. Howard does the same job on the college level for ESPN. It's hypocritical for Simms to be going after Howard for doing his job, the same one Simms does at the NFL level, simply because the comments were directed at his own son.
  • Steve Politi says the weather won't stop New Jersey from hosting a great Super Bowl in 2014.
  • The New York Daily News takes a look back at Super Bowl XXV when the Giants defeated the Buffalo Bills.
  • Here is a Q&A with Harry Carson, who is always an interesting interview.
  • The Washington Examiner has a list of the top 10 Super Bowl defenses. The 1986 Giants made the cut.
  • I either didn't know or didn't remember that Giants linebacker Michael Boley had shoulder surgery at the end of the season. He did, though, and says he is healing well.