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Super Bowl XLV, Giants Fan's Rooting Guide

Who are you rooting for in Super Bowl XLV today between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers? Is your choice based on conference? is it based on the teams? Geography? Individuals you like or dislike?

As I detailed Saturday, there are former Giants on both teams. So, you can't your rooting interest is really because of a certain Giants connection.

For me, it comes down to this. I am rooting for the Packers today because I just can't stand watch Ben Roethlisberger, Hair Polamalu and the Steelers win another Super Bowl title. C'mon, fellas, you have to share a little bit!

Over at SB Nation New York I picked Green Bay to win. So, I guess I have to root for them. Truth is, I would do that anyway. Watching the Packers win makes me feel better as a Giants fan since Green Bay is the team that took the final playoff spot away from the Giants. At least I will be able to say we lost a playoff spot to the Super Bowl champs.

Who are you guys rooting for? Why? Let us know.