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Manning, Bradshaw Join Coughlin's Corner

Boy, am I tired of the Tom Coughlin-Antrel Rolle topic already. It is, however, Super Bowl Week and every New York Giants player who makes a public appearance anywhere near a reporter or a talking head with a microphone is being asked about it. So, here are a couple of more takes on the situation.

These come from quarterback Eli Manning and running back Ahmad Bradshaw, both of whom stepped to the defense of the head coach today.

I was particularly glad to see Manning speak out on behalf of the coach.

"You have a new guy [Antrel Rolle]," Manning said while making the rounds to promote Oreo's new "Heads or Tails" cookies. "Coach Coughlin is the only NFL coach I’ve played for and I like the routine, I like how it’s structured. I like knowing what our schedule’s going to be, I like knowing how our practices are. He gets us prepared.

"It’s not a lot of hootin’ and hollerin’ like Coach (Rex) Ryan, but it’s about getting prepared and going out there and trying to play good football. In that case, I enjoy it and I think he does a great job and a lot of people like the way it is."

Manning also had several other interesting things to say, so make sure you check out Mike Garafolo's post.

On ESPN, Bradshaw also expressed support for Coughlin.

"Coach Coughlin is a great coach," Bradshaw said. "He prepares us for everything, even the littlest things. I have the utmost respect for Coach Coughlin."

Cool, Ahmad. Now, quit fumbling the ball and show it!