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Jim Burt Critical Of 2010 Giants

Former New York Giant Jim Burt said he didn't want to be critical of the current New York Giants during an appearance on WFAN radio with Boomer & Carton on Wednesday. But the former nose tackle, one of the most popular players on the Bill Parcells-era Giants, was critical anyway.

Asked about the Giants' meltdown against the Philadelphia Eagles this season, Burt basically said that would not have happened to a Parcells team.

"I just think that when Bill Parcells was coaching, we had a lead in the first quarter, we’re killing the clock," Burt said about the Giant’s December meltdown. "I don’t want to be critical, because I don’t have any idea what happens inside those closed walls of the Giants.

"Just watching the game, there’s so many things that were done undisciplined for that to happen, forget about the punt return at the end."

Personally, I think Burt is being overly dramatic talking about protecting the lead in the first quarter. He is, however, on target using the word "undisciplined."

That was the most disturbing thing about watching the Giants in 2010. The turnovers. The five personal foul penalties against Tennessee. The talking out of turn. The defensive breakdowns that led to big plays.

All of that stuff, of course, goes against the messages Tom Coughlin has preached to players throughout the years. Maybe two years of going home early will help drive the point home.

I wonder how Giants players will react to Burt's comments, or if they will react at all. Current players don't generally appreciate this "that would never have happened when I played" type of comment. Even if it has merit.