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David Diehl Calls Out Antrel Rolle

New York Giants offensive lineman David Diehl is the latest veteran Giant to take teammate Antrel Rolle to task for his public comments about coach Tom Coughlin. Diehl took exception to Rolle's generalizing his comments and making it seem there was discord in the ranks.

"If that’s the way Antrel feels, that’s fine. This was his first year in New York and things are a lot different in New York and with the Giants than it is in Arizona," Diehl said. "But when you do say those things, don’t say ‘We.’ You feel that way; I don’t feel that way. If you’re going to say it, say it. That’s fine. If you feel that way, you made the statement, that’s fine.

"I like Antrel. He’s a good guy, good player. But that’s the way he feels, not everybody."

In case you have forgotten, here is part of what Rolle said:

... do I feel like things are a little too uptight? Yeah, I do. If he just loosened up just a little bit, run the ship the way you want to run it, run the program the way you want to run it but let us have a little fun."

I suppose references to the Rolle comments are going to pop up every now and again as long as he is a Giants' player and Coughlin is the head coach.

Personally, I am glad to see another of the "old guard" Giants who has won with Coughlin step out and defend his coach. It is a very good sign, and Rolle and anyone else who isn't happy would be well-advised to stop talking to the press and take their issues directly to the coach.

Coughlin may not be perfect. I do think, though, that he has in the recent past shown a willingness to listen and adapt. Ultimately what newer Giants like Rolle and anyone else has to realize is that, whatever his flaws, all Coughlin really wants is to win. It's what Michael Strahan eventually realized, and we know what that led to.

Diehl said a lot of other intriguing things in the story, written by Mike Garafolo of the Star-Ledger. Take the time to read it today.