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Giants 17, Patriots 14: Third Anniversary of Super Bowl XLII

Today should bring a smile to your face, New York Giants fans. It is, of course, the third anniversary of the Giants Super Bowl XLII upset of the snooty, snobbish, 18-0 and already printing 19-0 t-shirts New England Patriots. One of the best days imaginable for a New York Giants fan.

In the immediate aftermath, I wrote this:

Super Bowl Champions!

Giants 17, Patriots 14

The Giants are Super Bowl Champions!

Oh my God! I am still not sure I believe what I just saw.

Here is some of what I wrote in my 'Kudos & Wet Willies' review:

The New York Giants are Super Bowl champions! I had to say that one more time before I get on with some analysis.

I know I am biased, but this will have to go down not only as one of the greatest Super Bowl upsets ever, but as one of the best of the 42 Super Bowls ever played.

The game featured great defense, a classic Tom Brady late-game drive, an even better Super Bowl-winning drive from Eli Manning, an unlikely hero in David Tyree and enough twists and turns that you could spend all day dissecting each and every drive.

This Giants' victory typified the type of team they are, and the type of season they had.

I thought the Giants would have to be perfect to beat the Patriots. They weren't close to perfect. They missed some opportunities in the first half, including a critical interception on a ball muffed by Steve Smith. An Antonio Pierce penalty helped New England get its first touchdown. There were a couple of fumbles that they, fortunately, recovered.

This, though, is the way the Giants have played all year. Never perfect, often not pretty. They continue to believe and continue to press the action, though. And, just when you begin to despair, here comes a 45-yard pass to Kevin Boss. A touchdown pass to David Tyree. Then, after an answering drive by New England, a catch by Tyree that may have been the best ever in a Super Bowl, and a game-winning pass to Plaxico Burress.

Please. share your memories of the day here. Of course, no mention of the game would be complete without another look at David Tyree's catch.