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NFL Scouting Combine: Linebackers On Display Today

Attention, New York Giants fans! The linebackers are on display today at the NFL Scouting Combine. Just thought I would point that out, since I know no one around these parts really cares about linebackers. If you have the NFL Network and you aren't working, check out the action.

Defensive linemen will also work today, but I am pretty certain most of you will be looking at the results from the various tests the linebackers go through.

We have talked a lot about UCLA linebacker Akeem Ayers. Will he solidify his first-round draft status? How athletic will Boston College linebacker Mark Herzlich, a potential Giants' target, look?

Giants General Manager Jerry Reese did mention on Saturday that the team needs to improve at linebacker, so you know Reese, Tom Coughlin, Marc Ross and the rest of the Giants staff in Indianapolis will be paying careful attention today.

Let's see if any of the myriad of linebackers we have discussed here in recent weeks jumps out and grabs the spotlight.