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New York Giants Notes: All This May Be Moot Edition

All that we write about each day here on BBV and our affiliates here at SB Nation hinges greatly on what happens this week during NFL labor negotiations. Will there or will there not be a lockout? Sure, there was a lot of buzz at the combine and we were able to hear from Jerry Reese and Tom Coughlin, but those guys and many other coaches and team executives are still left scratching their heads and wondering if a deal will be struck before the current labor deal expires at midnight this Friday. This is indeed a very important (i.e. scary) week for NFL fans.

Sides Angle for Leverage, Before a Deal, in N.F.L. Talks -
The N.F.L. heads into its most pivotal week since players were granted free agency in 1993 having made slim substantive progress in negotiations toward a new labor deal, with most people having little idea what will happen by the end of this week and with seemingly little urgency on either side to get a deal done soon. It remains to be seen whether the union’s decertification plan changes that thinking.

You know, I kept hearing and thinking that progress was being made in last week's meetings. Anything can happen, but I think it's safe to assume at this point that a deal will not be struck in the next four days, and that's very sad for NFL fans.

But hey, at least one person is optimistic about a deal getting done. That's the mayor of Indianapolis, whose city will host the 2012 Super Bowl.

GM Jerry Reese: New York Giants 'looking to improve every position' - ESPN New York
Jerry Reese didn't divulge much when it comes to his plans for the draft. But the New York Giants general manager did sound like a man who is looking for a linebacker. Reese described the play of his linebackers as "OK" this past season. Linebacker Keith Bulluck's contract is up and the team needs more speed and athleticism at linebacker.

Sure, but Reese also talked about how important it is to get to the quarterback, as Ed Valentine mentioned on Saturday. I really hope Reese is thinking linebacker or an immovable object at left tackle, but that's just me.

And in the "trolling for stuff to write about" category (sorry Bobbi), I found this bit about the Eagles and which players fans want to keep or not keep. With Michael Vick having 13 percent saying he should go, and DeSean Jackson have 10 percent, the question I have is, "How many BBVers voted?"