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Lockout Looming, Leaving Assistant Coaches In Limbo

Word came down a little earlier today that the NFL and NFLPA have suspended mediated negotiations for the time being. They will next meet on March 1, just three days before the current collective bargaining agreement is scheduled to expire.

That is bad news for NFL fans, although an early March lockout does not really jeopardize the 2011 NFL season at this point. It could also be bad news for NFL assistant coaches, who stand to lose paychecks during the duration of any work stoppage.

Ralph Vacchiano reported this morning that New York Giants assistants might be among the luckier ones in the league. According to what Vacchiano has been told, the Giants "are going to do the right thing by their employees, whatever that is … for as long as they can."

Say what you want about what happens on the field, the Giants are always a class operation. It's one of the reasons fans love them, and remain loyal through the inevitable ups and downs.