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Fun with Hall of Fame Debates

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This past Tuesday on Yahoo Sports, Mike Beacom of Pro Football Weekly published a very interesting piece about which active NFL players are destined for the Hall of Fame. He breaks it down into players in five distinct categories--Locks, On their way, Maybe/maybe not, Don't hold your breath, and Need more data. Of course, the headline that caught my eye and forced me to read this included Donovan McNabb, who is in the Maybe, Maybe Not group. Yikes, really? I'm not so sure that even during his best days, McNabb was ever a strong Hall contender. Now, of course, his skills appear to be diminishing right before Rex Grossman's eyes.

Later on, Eli Manning is listed in the Need More Data group, and says he needs to win another ring to be considered more seriously. Okay, so McNabb can be more of a contender without having won a single Super Bowl?

Of course, Beacom is right for starting his list with Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Ray Lewis. And he even makes a case for Terrell Owens and Randy Moss in that group--two players who almost always produce despite their baggage.

Other Giants mentioned are Osi Umenyiora, Justin Tuck and Keith Bulluck -- but I will let you read the article and find where they are before arguing below.......