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New York Giants Notes: Who is Antrel's Publicist Edition

In case you haven't noticed, Antrel Rolle is everywhere. I distinctly remember writing an "Antrel-free" notebook after he ran his mouth one too many times. But there he was in the Pro Bowl banging helmets with an NFC teammate after a defensive touchdown. You almost can't google "New York Giants news" without his name popping up, maybe even more than Eli Manning's name. I want to know who Antrel's publicist is, because they're doing a good job. Here he is in an NFL Network clip with Solomon Wilcots talking a bit about the upcoming combine and also about the aftermath of Rolle's disrespect toward the Giants' organization.

I've lobbied for a "giant" left tackle or game-changing linebacker to be the Giants' top draft pick in April. Here is an interview with Boston College tackle Anthony Castonzo that might have you shouting, "Pick this guy!" I especially love the part where he talks about bulking up on purpose, and then later finding out he's a biochemistry major. Good stuff. Our own Ed Valentine also wrote about Castonzo last month. The only down side would be the hideous "Seinfeld" references coming from Joe Buck. And when I say "hideous," i'm referring to Buck.

To be fair, here is a bit from the National Football Post about linebacker prospects, and UCLA's Akeem Ayers is front and center. Ayers is, of course, another projected Giants' pick, and this time we don't have to worry about Al Davis swiping a linebacker like he did with Rolando McClain.

If you guys need a laugh to perk you up on a cold winter morning, check out the video mocking Eli Manning's facial expressions. I'm kind of surprised I found this Onion-based video on a New York Times blog, but there it is. And hey, Ed Valentine and BBV are quoted and linked!