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Jeremy Shockey Cut By New Orleans Saints

Former New York Giants tight end Jeremy Shockey has been cut by the New Orleans Saints.

From Pro Football Talk:

Shockey has long been a favorite of Saints coach Sean Payton, who was the Giants’ offensive coordinator in 2002, when Shockey was the Giants’ first-round draft pick. So in that respect this move may seem like a surprise.

But the Saints loved the production that rookie tight end Jimmy Graham had in 2010, so it’s not a shock that Shockey is being let go to make room for Graham as the new No. 1 tight end in New Orleans.

Via Twitter, Bill Barnwell of Football Outsiders immediately speculated that Shockey could wind up as a New York Jet.

Wonder if Jeremy Shockey ends up back in New York -- as a Jet. They could use blocking TE to play alongside Keller.

So it has come to that for Shockey, who will be 31 next season. After catching a career-low 41 passes in 2010 he is now being looked at not as a big-time addition to a team's passing attack, but as a blocking tight end.