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2011 NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Dontay Moch, LB, Nevada

The subject of today's 2011 NFL Draft prospect profile is a guy you will probably hear a lot about once the NFL Scouting Combine begins this week. Nevada linebacker Dontay Moch is one of those guys with freakish athletic skills -- or at least one freakish athletic skill -- that is sure to get him a ton of attention during the Combine.

Moch is reportedly exceptionally fast for a linebacker, having been clocked in the 4.2s on numerous occasions. Scouts and general managers will likely fall in love with the speed, which is extraordinary for the linebacker position.

The problem, at least for me, is that when I think of the New York Giants they already have this type of player. This seems a slightly faster Michael Boley, a guy who is not apparently really stout at the point of attack, a chase and make tackles down the field guy rather than a stuff the play at the point of attack outside linebacker. For me, that's not what I want in an outside linebacker.

Besides Boley, if the Giants want this type of player in their defense they can also simply continue to utilize the three-safety alignment.

So, now that I have poisoned the water of opinion regarding Moch, check out the scouting reports. They are after the jump.

Dontay Moch
OLB, Nevada
6-foot-1, 229 pounds

Scouting Reports

From Sideline Scouting:

Positives: Physical attributes are hard to ignore, by far the fastest linebacker in this class, has reportedly ran multiple low 4.2 40-yard dashes... Has had solid production as a pass rusher in the last three years, 26.5 sacks in that span... Also finished fourth in the FBS with 22 TFL in 2010... Quality character guy, works hard and leads by example on and off the field... Is a very athletic player with huge upside if he can hone his overall linebacking skills, is fast and physical and possesses above-average pass-rushing skills... Is much quicker than a lot of NFL offensive linemen, and will be a valuable asset in twists and stunts at either linebacker or defensive end... Has a strong upper-body and uses it to disengage from blocks at the line with relative ease... Is a consistent wrap-up tackler and rarely misses tackles when he takes good angles... Durability has not been an issue, seems to be in good physical shape with no history of major injuries.

Negatives: Can give up on plays when pushed away from the ball, does not have a very consistent motor in every game... Has size and speed to be interchangeable in a few systems, but will most likely only be utilized as a pass rusher and special teamer initially... Needs to develop more pass-rushing moves, generally relies on speed to get to the quarterback, but can get easily pushed away from the pocket when going full speed... Uses upper-body to tackle as opposed to driving forward with legs, tackling technique will not be as effective at the next level against NFL quarterbacks... Does not have much experience in coverage, but has the speed to keep up with backs and TEs on simple routes, but will probably be a pass-rushing specialist... Overall instincts are below-average at the linebacker position.

From National Football Post:

An undersized rush linebacker who looks better suited to make the move to outside backer in the NFL. Possesses natural bend in his stance, keeps his base down, head up and generates an above-average first step off the football. Plays hard and fast as a pass rusher.

Doesn't have the type of girth to consistently win vs. the run game as a down DE. Displays some power for his size and will take on blocks well, but doesn't disengage real quickly initially into contact and is often forced to wait until the play is past to work in pursuit.

Impression: Is going to be overdrafted because of his 40 time and straight-line speed, but he's an undersized pass rusher who doesn't have much in the form of an arsenal, but has the first step to intrigue.