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Report: Giants Unlikely To Use Franchise Tag

Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News reported on Saturday that it appears unlikely the New York Giants will use their franchise tag on any of their 21 potential free agents.

Vacchiano said that for the Giants using the tag "doesn’t make much financial sense."

We looked at the franchise tag recently, and my conclusion was the same as Vacchiano's -- using the tag just does not make sense for the Giants. Based on the likely contract amounts for players falling under the franchise tag, the only real candidate for the tag on the Giants is running back Ahmad Bradshaw. As I detailed in my report, tagging Bradshaw would mean the Giants would have to pay him $9.5, average for the top five running backs in the league.

Vacchiano does not believe the Giants think Bradshaw, or any of their players, are worth "franchise" money at this point. As we have already discussed, I agree.