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NFL News: Bob Sanders Released By Colts

Bob Sanders, one of the best safeties in the NFL before injuries cost him most of the last three seasons, has been released by the Indianapolis Colts.

By even mentioning it here, I know what's coming. There will be some of you screaming, 'sign him, sign him, sign him' Please, let's not even go there.

Sanders is a two-time first-team All-Pro, sure. He is only 30, sure. There is a reason the Colts are letting one of the two best defensive players they have had in the past decade (Dwight Freeney being the other) go, however. The guy has played nine games -- yes, just nine games -- in the past three seasons. In his seven-year career he has only had two seasons where he has played more than six games.

Forget arguing about 'need' here. Even if you can somehow make a case that there is a need for a play-making safety you can't make an argument that signing Sanders, whenever free agency begins, is a smart use of resources.

At best, you do what the New England Patriots would do -- and might try to do. See how your season goes and, if a guy like Sanders is available and you think he can help you in your stretch run, you bring him in late.

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