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New York Giants Notes: "Where's Eli?" Edition

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I thought I'd have some fun with you guys this morning amid all of the gloom and doom labor talks. No, Eli Manning is not lost or missing, though he's probably spending far more time this month seeing doctors than he's used to as he and his wife are expecting a baby girl soon. Anyway, I look at almost all of the Giants' news that comes across the wire, even if the team or its players are mentioned in passing. You guys have to look at the lead photo in this article about ESPN's Erin Andrews. Manning is mentioned in the tag line, but if you look quickly, you can't find him. Of course, he is hiding behind Andrews next to brother Peyton. I know that this on the surface isn't funny, but it gave you a reason to look at Andrews, and also to imagine what the banter was like between the Manning brothers at that very moment. Anyone?

New York Giants Sued For Back Taxes, But New Jersey Will Have To Pick Up The Bill
East Rutherford, New Jersey, has asked a court to rule that the New York Giants owe them millions in unpaid property taxes — but if the town wins, it will be other New Jersey taxpayers who will foot the bill. Here's the situation: The gigantic Meadowlands complex (which holds the New Meadowlands Stadium, the IZOD Center, a horse track, and other facilities) is exempt by law from local property taxes, because it land is owned by the state. (Specifically, the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority).

I just have to say, I hope this doesn't affect too many of you BBVers and your mortgages.

In the "respect" department, this article on Yahoo Sports warmed my heart, especially when I saw who was ranked Number 1 among all-time great NFL defensive players.

Players and N.F.L. Accept Mediation -
In an attempt to jump-start negotiations that stalled a week ago, representatives for N.F.L. owners and the league’s players planned to engage in seven consecutive days of talks with a federal mediator beginning Friday.

I'm not even joking when I say this -- if they need a water boy or someone to serve coffee and/or bring hot towels to these guys, I'm their man. Let's just get a deal done.

Vick made the right read on this one | Philadelphia Inquirer | 02/18/2011
Michael Vick finally figured out how to slide to avoid a big hit. The Eagles quarterback reversed himself, telling producers for The Oprah Winfrey Show that, come to think of it, he isn't ready for a sit-down with Herself next week.

This has nothing to do the Giants, of course, but I feel a twinge of pain whenever I hear Vick's name these days. And speaking of twinges of pain relating to being a fan.......

Remember we talked a few weeks back about what it must have been like to be on the losing end of Super Bowl 42? This fan post on The Sports Jury details just that from a fan who learned from the experience and even credits the Giants for helping him to grow up a little that day. An amusing read, yes, but it's really kind of interesting. And hey, anything we can do to help you, pal. Not that we haven't experienced misery as of late, but I can't imagine what that felt like, being a Super Bowl and all.