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2011 NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Lee Smith, TE, Marshall

As we continue our 2011 NFL Draft prospect profiles series let's take a look at one of the players mentioned Wednesday in the Sideline Scouting seven-round mock draft we discussed.

Marshall tight end Lee Smith was Sideline Scouting's selection for the Giants in the seventh round. I knew nothing about Smith until I went and found some reports on him after seeing the mock. After what I read, I am definitely intrigued.

The guy is a big (6-foot-6, 267 pounds) tight end with a reputation as an excellent run-blocker who might even be able to play offensive tackle if he could bulk up. The Giants have not had that big, mauling second or third tight end who was a pure blocker in several years, and that has to be a contributing factor to their struggles on third-and-short and in goal-line situations.

Bear Pascoe might be able to fill that role. We can't be certain, however, what Pascoe's role will be. He could be back at fullback. He could wind up as the starting tight end. We don't know.

I think we do know that the Giants could use a true blocking tight end. Smith might be a player who could fill that role.

Scouting reports after the jump.

Lee Smith
TE, Marshall
6-foot-6, 267 pounds

Scouting Reports

From the National Football Post:

A big, thickly put together tight end who does a nice job sitting into his stance and has some natural flexibility for his size. Isn't real explosive off the snap and isn't a guy who is going to run by anyone down the field. Seems to lumber a bit as a receiver and is a better short-area guy who has the coordination to gain a step, use his big frame and pluck the football. Doesn't generate a ton of separation for himself and at times will struggle to quickly get his head around and adjust to the football.

Is an impressive in-line blocker who can fire out of his stance low, keep his pad level down and extend his arms into contact. Does a nice job creating a jolt at the point, can stick to blocks through the play and is coordinated enough to get his feet around and seal on the edge. Consistently is able to handle defensive ends at the point of attack and routinely is able to generate a push off the football. Has some nastiness to his game as well, likes to finish blocks and refuses to let defenders get to the ball carrier on second effort, works his legs and hands through the play. Can be heavy handed and stick, and is tough to disengage from because of his length and good hand placement.

Impression: Isn't real athletic, but has the size and power to be a guy who plays in the league for ten years as a number two/three tight end option. However, is coordinated and flexible enough to get some looks as a potential offensive tackle as well.

From Sideline Scouting:

Positives: Good size... Heady... Fairly quick off the LOS... Solid route runner... Good body control and balance... Adequate receiver... Red zone target... Very solid hands... Has improved as a receiver every season... Very good blocker... Fires off the ball when run blocking, stays low and plays with leverage... Flashes good power... Very solid lateral movement and slide... Solid knee bend... Stays on his blocks, gives a good effort... Finishes his assignments... Aggressive, flashes a mean streak... Team captain... Mature, married with two kids... Might be considered as an offensive line prospect if he can add some bulk.

Negatives: Not real fast... Simply a short range target... Struggles to create separation... Lacks elusiveness in open field... Won't show anything at the combine... Only one year of starting experience.