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Big Blue View Voters Say 'No' To 18-Game Regular Season

On Sunday I posted a poll to see how Big Blue View Nation felt about NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's push for an 18-game regular season. The overwhelming finding is that New York Giants fans -- at least those who voted -- think it's a bad idea.

Of the 994 people who voted in the poll, 643 (64 percent) said they felt 16 games was enough for the regular season. There were 178 votes in favor of expanding the regular season (17 percent) and another 173 votes (also 17 percent) who said they did not care as long as their is a regular season in 2011.

A national poll taken recently found that only 27 percent of NFL fans were in favor of the longer season. So, our results pretty much mirror the national opinion.

Personally, I get the commissioner's distaste for four preseason games. They are useful to the teams, sure, but fans who purchase tickets don't get a discount for those four meaningless games in which they only get glimpses of the "real" players.

My solution is the one thing that will never happen. Leave the regular season alone at 16 games and just lop off two preseason games. No chance of that ever happening, though, because it costs the owners two games worth of revenue.

Anyway, final poll results below.