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New York Giants Notes: Please Just Get a Deal Done Edition

Nevermind that there is almost zero news on the wire about our New York Giants right now, or that the NFL draft looms just on the other side of the sports calendar after March Madness, the Masters and the start of baseball season. None of it matters if a new collective bargaining agreement isn't struck. I agree with what Ed said on Tuesday--stop with the fan posturing, and just close the door and get a deal done.

Also on Tuesday, Michael Silver of Yahoo Sports wrote an eye-opening piece detailing Panthers' owner Jerry Richardson's disdain for the union and open belittling of, among others, Peyton Manning and Drew Brees. You may remember that Richardson received a life-saving heart transplant two-plus years ago and as Silver correctly points out, this guy should be a tad more thankful he's alive and less of a nuisance at the bargaining table. Putting Manning and Brees, two of the faces of the game, under the bus? Really? If I was his publicist, I would have three words for Richardson--"Please go hide."

Amy Traub: I'd Miss Eli Manning: So Would NY's Economy
Just as I was anticipating a 2012 repeat of the thrilling 2008 Super Bowl win, I instead face a season bereft of Eli Manning, and a situation that looks eerily similar to the chronicles of corporate greed.

Ms. Traub goes on to talk about the labor dispute from a business standpoint, and how catastrophic it would be if there were no NFL season in 2011. If you're looking for another simplified version of what the dispute is about, read this article.

I know we do not usually post material from other blogs, but being that there isn't much Giants' news out there, I thought some of you might find this one about Plaxico Burress mildly interesting and/or amusing.

In the music-to-your-ears department, Michael Eisen reported on recently that Domenik Hixon is running at full speed. Of course, Hixon is not currently signed for 2011, but I hope Jerry Reese has made this dude a top priority based on our putrid return game in 2010.

We need football, folks. If not, we're going to be stuck looking at more sports recaps like this one from Tuesday. Then again, look at that photo in the article. The dogs are the show, and I bet they aren't complaining about how much money the make. They are likely just content that after being professionally walked by their owner in front of an arena full of people, there is a bowl of food waiting for them in the green room.