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Roger Goodell: 'We Need An Agreement That Both Sides Can Live With'

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is continuing to take his case to the people, as in NFL fans, in the ongoing NFL labor dispute. Goodell has written an op-ed piece that appears on, and newspapers around the country.

Goodell's op-ed reads in part:

Staying with the status quo is not an option. The world has changed for everyone, including the NFL and our fans. We must get better in everything we do.

The union has repeatedly said that it hasn’t asked for anything more and literally wants to continue playing under the existing agreement. That clearly indicates the deal has moved too far in favor of one side. Even the union’s president knows this — as he said on national radio on January 27: "I think what really happened is in 2006 we got such a great deal. I mean, the players got a good deal and the owners felt they got it handed to them."

We need an agreement that both sides can live with and obtain what they need, not simply what they want.

Today’s collective bargain agreement does not work as it should from the standpoint of the teams.

I put together some of my thoughts on Goodell's op-ed over at SB Nation New York. I am tired of this already, particularly the public posturing and courting of fan favor. Get in a room and get a deal done, already.