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New York Giants Notes: Happy Valentine's Day Edition

Happy Valentine's Day, Giants Fans. It's an appropriate holiday for us because for as much heartache and grief our team causes us at times, the good always far outweighs the bad, and we love our team that much. You could say some of us have an unhealthy obsession with the Giants--or at least an obsession with wanting them to win. Just ask my wife. Anyway, there is sill not much news out there in Big Blue-land, and that probably won't change for a month or more as the draft approaches....

Robinson joins Cowboys coaching staff | Dallas Cowboys | Latest news and video on the Dallas ...
The Dallas Cowboys finally came to terms with former New England Patriots strength coach Mike Woicik Friday and then completed its coaching staff by hiring Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers receivers coach Jimmy Robinson. Robinson, who will also coach the receivers with Dallas, returns to town less than a week after helping the Packers win Super Bowl XLV at Cowboys Stadium. Robinson has a connection with Garrett, dating back to his days as a coach with the New York Giants when Garrett was a backup quarterback. He has more than 20 years of NFL coaching experience dating back to 1990 when he began with the Atlanta Falcons. He has also had stints with the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints in addition to the Giants and the Packers.

Many of you are too young to remember his playing days with the Giants like I do (he scored the first Giants' touchdown at "old" Giants Stadium), but if you look at Robinson's track record, he sure must be doing something right.

Imprisoned WR Plaxico Burress in 'terrific shape' and seeks NFL return - ESPN New York
On Saturday, Plaxico Burress' agent Drew Rosenhaus joined the chorus of those saying the imprisoned wide receiver looks to be in good shape and could help an NFL team.

Seriously, what else would you expect Rosenhaus to say?

Redskins’ Haynesworth Is Formally Charged With Assault -
Washington Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth has been formally charged with misdemeanor assault stemming from a road rage incident earlier this month. Fairfax County police say the 29-year-old Haynesworth and his attorney appeared at a police station Saturday morning. Haynesworth signed a summons warrant charging him with assault and left.

I lived in Nashville for several years when Haynesworth played for the University of Tennessee and then later the Titans. And he's always been a ticking time bomb. He also has a history of road rage incidents, so this didn't surprise me. What a waste of unlimited NFL potential this guy has become.

Esperanza Spalding Stuns Gamblers At The Grammy Awards
There have been big gambling upsets in sports. The New York Giants beating an undefeated New England Patriots team in the Super Bowl and the 1980 USA Olympic Hockey win over the USSR come immediately to mind. No sports upset, however, can compare to what took place on the Grammy stage Sunday evening. Esperanza Spalding pulled off one of the biggest gambling upsets of all-time when she beat out Justin Bieber and Drake. The latter two are among the most popular artists in the world today.

Indeed, this is one for the good guys, the little guys who stun the big. Admittedly, I work in the music business and I had absolutely no interest in the Grammys last night, but I was thrilled to see Esperanza win this because I know a few people in her camp and even worked with her briefly in 2008. Of course, that's not why I included her here--it's just always nice to see Super Bowl 42 having relevance, isn't it?

Guys, just a reminder--if she says she doesn't want flowers, she wants flowers. If she doesn't say anything, at least get her flowers. And if you know she knows you're going to get her flowers anyway, get her a bigger bouquet. Because if she puts up with your passion for football on Sundays, this is one of those days it's worth it to show your appreciation.